Legal Services

Through Stofberg Attorneys, Christelle Swart has been rendering legal services for almost two decades, first alongside founder Niel Stofberg and for the last ten years as owner. With her background in social work, she has made family law her area of specialty although the firm’s services are much wider in scope.

List of our legal services


Whether it is a contested or uncontested divorce, clients are guided through this stressful, sometimes traumatic process with compassion and efficiency. With the preservation of the client’s rights and the best possible outcome in mind, a cost-effective and amicable settlement process is pursued through every aspect from parenting plans to the division of financial assets. When an amicable solution is not possible, however, we draw on our extensive experience to represent the client while seeking a fair settlement through the courts.


The Department of Justice strongly encourages, and sometimes mandates, mediation to reach a settlement agreement. Mediation is a dispute resolution process to which parties submit voluntarily. The mediation process not only prevents the emotional strain of litigation in court but is also much more cost-effective and efficient. If successfully concluded, the outcome of mediation is furthermore always mutually beneficial. We are a FAMAC-registered provider of mediation services.

Children's court

With a strong background in social work, we are always guided by the best interest of the child in any case before the Children’s Court. We provide legal representation in adoptions and cases of foster care, as well as through the complicated process of deciding on care and protection after child abandonment, neglect or abuse.

Application for contact plans

Once again with the best interest of the child in mind, Stofberg Attorneys assist clients in formalising their rights and responsibilities when the child is not permanently in their care. We assist parents with legally binding contact plans when they seek the opportunity to build and maintain a relationship with their child, even when living apart.


Child maintenance is among the cases we most frequently handle – first and foremost to ensure that the needs of the child are met but also to help ensure that a fair maintenance amount is ordered by the court in the interest of all parents and guardians involved.

general litigation

Clients are represented in cases where an agreement in a general dispute – whether in business or between individuals – could not otherwise be reached and a court judgment is sought for it to be settled.

assistance with wills

The handling of a deceased’s estate can be a complicated legal matter with the potential to be vastly exacerbated in the absence of a will. We provide assistance to clients who wish to spare surviving loved ones unnecessary complications by compiling a clear and unambiguous will.

debt collection

debt collection

Stofberg Attorneys act on behalf of businesses who had been unable to collect outstanding account payments from customers or clients, and need legal assistance with recovering debt.