Christelle swart

Stofberg Attorneys


Social worker, Mediator, Attorney & Employee assistance consultant

“I spent decades of my life helping people through disruptive life events that impacted everything from their homes to their jobs. But I also realised that we can achieve so much more by trying to prevent some of these disruptions, so I decided to widen the scope of my career.”

Christelle Swart, owner of Stofberg Attorneys in Worcester, is a qualified, highly experienced social worker, mediator and attorney who also offers employee assistance to businesses in the Cape Winelands.

For employers, she renders need-specific counselling, mediation, group support and social development services when they have seen the impact of individual stressors on team performance and wish to offer their employees a lifeline.

There is little doubt that the South African population operates under tremendous stress. Bloomberg Business found in 2019 that South Africa was the second most stressed country in the world, and the South African College of Applied Psychology has concluded that “the state of the country’s mental well-being is in severe crisis”.

There is no doubt, either, about the interconnectedness of state of mind and success.

Through Christelle Swart Employee Assistance, she joins hands with a growing community of business owners who appreciate this interconnectedness – who understand that offering their employees a lifeline in an increasingly stressful society is also vital to their business.

For legal clients, Christelle continues to render services through Stofberg Attorneys.