Employee Assistance

Through Christelle Swart Employee Assistance, business owners can mitigate the impact that employee stress and hardship typically have on their business. This service includes both personal support to distressed staff members and general life-skills development to improve team performance.

Packages are structured around businesses’ specific needs and can range from regular sessions to ad hoc consultations as needed. Please feel free to talk to us about an employee assistance plan tailored to your business.


Individual debriefing and guidance sessions are held with employees dealing with high-stress life events or circumstances that typically impact their work life. Group counselling may be necessary in the event of collective trauma or grief. 


The following fields are covered:

The counsellor will make a recommendation in cases where medical, psychological or other professional intervention is advisable.

Social development

Life skills workshops are presented in group format. A series of topics can be addressed as part of a general staff development programme, or a single topic to address a specific concern within the business. Workshops are aimed at building emotional resilience, personal management and interrelationship skills to aid not only employees’ work but also their personal life.

 Topics include:


Mediation is a dispute resolution process to which parties submit voluntarily. The mediation process not only prevents the emotional strain of litigation in court but is also much more cost-effective and efficient, and always leads to a mutually beneficial conclusion to which both parties can agree. 

We are a FAMAC-registered provider of mediation services.

support groups

Group support is a proven relief tool where multiple staff members deal with the same distressing challenge such as relationship disruptions, financial distress, substance abuse among family members, or the loss of a loved one due to violent crime. 

Support groups can be established and facilitated according to changing needs among staff members.

Court guidance & representation

Where court procedures are unavoidable (in custody or maintenance matters for example) guidance is provided through the complex court process. 

Court representation can be arranged to increase efficiency for the benefit of the employee and the employer.