About Christelle

It was at a young age already that Christelle Swart, owner of Stofberg Attorneys, realised she had an instinctive urge to help. Social work came as a natural career choice and she obtained her master’s degree in 1983.

Her qualification was followed by almost twenty years of working with families and children in distressing circumstances, attending family court, counselling, running support groups, and conducting development workshops.

When she was eventually employed in the housing department of Worcester’s local municipality, she studied law in her spare time to complement her social work. After completing her articles, she joined Stofberg Attorneys, where she is now the owner of the firm and still represents individual clients in legal matters.

But Christelle’s biggest passion lies in helping when it matters most: When disruptive personal circumstances can still be prevented. Even more so when the intervention is mutually beneficial to individuals and the communities in which they work or live.

This is where employee assistance hits the mark for her, and why she decided to make Christelle Swart Employee Assistance the third layer of her successful career.

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